FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Conrad Lauzon used to be a regular at Fort Lauderdale’s Bahia Cabana, a 70-room hotel and marina complex built in 1972.

Lauzon misses it, but wants what is left of it gone.

The hotel at 3001 Harbor Drive is a mess. There is caution tape marking the perimeter, empty beer bottles and crushed cans. There is a ripped roof. There is trash scattered throughout and there is a polluted pool. 

Neighbors are complaining that it’s not only an eyesore, but it’s creating a health hazard.

“It can’t stay like that. It’s a hazard, especially for kids,” Lauzon said. “I mean, young people can go in there to that pool. It’s not closed in.” 

Last September, a Bahia Cabana employee said it was on shaky ground after taking a hard hit from Hurricane Irma.

“We’re trying to go ahead and deal with it and get everything, you know, back on schedule,” Bryan Cohen said. “When it will be? I can’t tell you.” 

Jaohnny Engstrom, a tourist from Sweden, said he was surprised to find the disarray. 

“Now it’looks like it’s not going to be any more Bahia Cabana,” Engstrom said. “Sad.”

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