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Residential and Commercial Glass Repair Coral Springs FL

When you have a damaged glass doors or windows it is never comfortable and even more could happen at not expected time and place for a home , business, or building owner in Coral Springs FL.

If you are looking for a Coral Springs glass repair company, then Seel Glass Windows & Doors has almost 15 years of experience in the glass industry covering not only residential but also commercial and business houses above all of Coral Springs area .

In addition our glass company offers a wide range of glass repairs and installation alternatives, including storefront glass, sliding glass door, office glass, commercial glass construction, window glass house and much more, no It will mean a lot if you need a sliding glass door. Or high impact home windows installed can be hoping to have exceptional work at any time.

Finally as a residential and commercial glass repair company we specialize in repairing glass sliding doors, window glass repair, glass door repair and shop glass repair in addition to all day glass repair Coral Springs FL with 24 hour emergency glass service.

Glass Repair Miami FL

Our full list of services as Glass Repair Miami Company:

Glass Repair Miami FL

Glass Replacement Coral Springs FL

Commercial and Residential Glass Replacement Coral Springs FL

As a glass replacing company we support residential and commercial potential customers and focus on replacing sliding glass door, window glass replacement, glass door replacement and storefront glass replacement placed alongside the same day Replacement Glass in Coral Springs FL with 24 Hour Glass Replacement Crisis Service.

Changing the sliding door may well be less costly than you might think. Consult with your insurance carrier, they may help decrease the costs of repairing damages in regards to to the devastation situation. You could have self-confidence in us for the brand-new installing high superior quality glass. Our specialists know the grade of workmanship to maintain your home safe with high-quality work and professionalism.
We offers you an reliable estimation that will meet all of your needs, assisting you save time throughout your glass problems.


Full list of services as Glass Replacement Company:

Coral Springs FL High-Impact Glass Repair and Replacement

Commercial and Residential Impact Glass Repair in Coral Springs FL

These days high-impact glass door or window creates an excellent safe option for businesses and homeowners, more particularly in Coral Springs FL.

The winds send the particles of the street, throwing all those particles on homes and businesses, knocking everything between doors and windows. On the great side of the high impact glass door or windows are stronger to the winds as they are built to withstand much more pressure and impacts, therefore these types of impact glass can still operate under a direct impact With sufficient pressure.

We are a certified, qualified and accredited glass impact repair and replacement company in Coral Springs FL. With this in mind, our emergency glass repair team can quickly give you high impact glass repair services, including high impact glass doors, impact windows glass, impact home windows glass, impact sliding glass doors and even more.

Glass Repair Miami FL

Glass Repair Miami FL

Coral Springs Board Up Services

Professional Board Up Services Company in Coral Springs FL

Emergency board up Coral Springs solutions and services are essential for each day business and property owners, whilst your home or business remains to be unprotected, it is progressively in danger from robbery and other criminal activity.

Board up services will guard the within of your premises soon after a glass break in the action and before new glass can be installed. At the same time these types of services are extremely essential when catastrophe happens including fires, floods, weather, vandalism, criminal offense, explosions, and other astonishing occasions and catastrophes that make a difference your day-to-day life in Coral Springs FL.

Board up services tend to be demanded when you desire to keep these things and anything can occur anytime. According to those scenarios you will need to recognize the best Board Up COMPANY in Coral Springs FL to communicate with in case your home or business needs emergency board up services.

We are ready to provide you and your family 24/7 board-up protection in virtually any Coral Springs area during glass issue. Our expert and professional glass repair team will be on your premises immediately never to just offer you immediate board-up services, however they will also tidy up your home or business glass residual from the broken windowpane or door. Under those circumstances our board up crisis team could keep your home or business secure and protect ahead of damaged glass hurts any relative or worker at your projects or at home.

A number of the board-up services you can expect contain Home Board-ups, Business Board-ups, Cleanup your premises at the appointed time securing your house or Business Crisis Board-up Services and much more!

Emergency Glass Repair Coral Springs FL


At that time you will need emergency glass repair in Coral Springs FL you can decide to put your self-confidence inside our emergency repair and replacement personnel, consequently of great quality and reliable services we’re Coral Springs best Glass Repair Company warranted by 15 many years of knowledge. Our job is assured by authorized and covered technicians to offer you emergency glass repair and glass installation, consequently you will probably have superior quality results with full 100 % satisfaction.

24 Hour seven days a Week Crisis Glass Replacement.

Professional and High quality Same-Day Glass Repair Coral Springs, Receive same-day glass repair to keep the home or business shielded. A damaged glass window or glass door can leaves your premises subjected to weather, criminals, and a lot more.

Sustain your building guarded when you work with our skilled emergency glass repair Coral Springs team. You can expect an instantaneous answer to damaged glass, and use your timetable to make sure your objectives are achieved. No real matter what you will need, high-impact glass, tempered glass, or many others kind of glass repaired, you will be ready for a repair job completed at the very first time.

Glass Repair Miami FL

Get a Free Estimate for Emergency Glass Repair. The latest point you want is an excessive cost bill for glass repair as a result of a home or business glass broken. Our company is going to offer you with an honest and appropriate analysis for emergency glass repair and above all make improvements to the value of your repair service.

Count on our staff to make it much easier for you when mitigate insurance claims, whether if it’s immediately after a natural disaster or some other problem, we will make sure that your home or business are refurbished to its first condition.

Definitely one of the positive effects of use our company is that the specialist you get in touch over the phone, will be the same specialist that will deals with your emergency glass repair issues.

Coral Springs News

$75 Million Bond on Ballot for Coral Springs Voters in March » Coral Springs Talk

January 13th, 2018|Categories: Google News|

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Coral Springs voters have an opportunity to make much-needed improvements to the city, that is, if they vote yes on three general obligation bonds totaling $75 million in the March 13 election.

Divided on the ballot as three separate questions: Bond for Public Safety, Bond for Parks and Recreation, and Bond for Streets and Drainage. Voters can then choose to vote for or against each one.

Improvements would include: Public Safety and Public Works Campus improvements including an expansion of the Fire Academy, renovation of the garage and storage facility that houses the city’s operating supplies, and construction of a real-life tactical facility for police personnel. Mullins Park, North Community Park, Cypress Park and Sportsplex will also see improvements with the addition of artificial turf and new LED lighting.

Funding to implement the city’s Pavement Management Plan, including more than 85 lane miles that have not been resurfaced in the last 20 years, will be made available if voters vote yes. Areas such as the Corporate Park, where many businesses are located, as well as residential neighborhoods like Westchester, and the Meadows and Dells will see various improvements to the existing drainage system, mitigating flooding severity and duration.

In addition, there will be enhancements to public amenities such as a new senior center and upgrades to the aquatic center.

In October, residents were hit with the largest tax increase in years after the millage rate went from 4.8 percent to 5.87 percent. A family residing in a $250,000 home, saw their taxes increase $250 annually. According to the city, the bond will provide improvements to infrastructure, public facilities and amenities which require funding beyond that of the normal operating budget and the recent tax increase.

Based on a $250,000 home, the average breakdown in annual costs for the three bond issues would be: Public Safety $43, Parks and Recreation $41, and Streets and Drainage $39. Therefore, If the bond measures passes, beginning October 1, 2018, the average single-family home will see an increase of $123.00 to their annual property taxes.

“I would vote yes,” said resident Andrew Ladanowski. “The economy is growing and we need to invest in our city. Kids need ball fields. We need to proper facilities to train our firefighters and it would be nice to have an amphitheater. I always wanted to sneak over to Parkland for a concert at their amphitheater.”

Resident Michael Black agrees with most of the improvements as long as they enrich the community, however, he didn’t agree with license plate readers around the city.

“I would vote against any measure that infringes on the rights of its citizens. The purpose should be for public safety,” said Black. “I’d love to hear the rationale behind the measure before making a judgement.”

Proposed projects:

• Public Safety and Public Works Campus $18,500,000
• Fire Station 64 Reconstruction $4,000,000
• License Plate Readers-Perimeter & Interior $1,600,000
• Tactical Training Facility $1,500,000
• Two Emergency Traffic Signals $700,000
• Parks & Recreation Lighting $3,400,000
• Aquatic Complex New Pool + Enhancements $5,600,000
• Park Artificial Turf Fields $8,000,000
• Amphitheater/Splash Pad $2,000,000
• Senior Center $5,000,000
• Mullins Park-New American League Building $1,000,000
• Road Resurfacing $13,250,000
• Corporate Park Drainage $4,300,000
• Westchester Drainage $5,000,000
• Meadows and Dells Drainage Improvements $1,000,000

General obligation bonds are a common type of municipal bond issued by states and local governments to raise funds for public works. What makes general obligation bonds unique is that they are backed by the full faith and credit of the issuing municipality.

Historically, residents of Coral Springs have voted in favor of general obligation bonds – once in 2006 and more recently in 2014. The $12.45 million bond of 2014 was approved by 72 percent of residents. The projects included updates to Public Safety Communication Systems, restoring of Fire Station 43 and 95, renovation of the Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence storage unit, and the construction of a new Safety Town Building. All were completed within two years and remained within budget.

City Manager Mike Goodrum said, “Our goal is to preserve the acclaimed reputation of the City of Coral Springs. With these measures in place, we can significantly invest in our neighborhoods to improve our city.”

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Roaches found crawling around yet again at South Florida…

January 13th, 2018|Categories: Google News|

MARGATE, Fla. – State inspectors ordered Tumi Restaurant in Margate shut again last week after an inspector found a roach issue still existed.

Tumi was ordered shut in December for the same issue.

In fact, records show Tumi was shut for three days in December because of the roach infestation. They were also closed January 2, 3 and 4.

Roach issues were also found at Silver Spoon Thai in Miramar and Korner Cafe in Fort Lauderdale.

No restaurants were ordered shut in Miami-Dade or Monroe counties last week. 

Below is a list of places that were ordered shut and some of their violations. All the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.  

***Silver Spoon Thai & Sushi

2929 SW 160th Ave.


Inspection based on complaint

Ordered shut Jan. 6

16 violations found

“Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. Observed 4 crawling on the wall at the three compartment sink, and about 4 in a box on a shelf above three compartment sink.”

“Pesticide/insecticide stored with/above food, clean equipment and utensils, clean linens and/or single-service items. Observed 3 cans of Raid insect spray on shelf next to vinegar seasonings.”

“Employee eating in a food preparation or other restricted area.”

“Employee filled water pitcher/cup at hand wash sink. Water poured into pot with rice on the stove. Operator poured water from the pot and catch water at three compartment sink to cook the rice.”

***Tumi Restaurant

7926 W. Sample Road


Ordered shut Jan. 2

10 violations found

Also ordered shut Dec. 11, 2017

“Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. Observed 2 live roaches in wait station under ice machine, 1 live roach on wall near electrical control box in kitchen above prep table, 1 live roach under dish machine, 1 live roach on wall above pick up window, 1 live roach on shelf above steam table in kitchen, 1 live roach on floor next to produce cooler in kitchen, and 1 live roach on floor in front of produce cooler. Operator instructed to remove roaches and to clean and sanitize area. They began to do so. **Repeat Violation**”

“Dead roaches on premises. Observed 6 dead roaches in wait station on floor around shelf and chest freezer, 2 dead roaches on shelf across from wine in wait station, and 1 dead roach on shelf above steam table in kitchen. Operator instructed to remove roaches and to clean and sanitize area. They began to do so. **Repeat Violation**”

“Employee touched face/hair and then engaged in food preparation, handled clean equipment or utensils, or touched unwrapped single-service items without washing hands. Observed cook touch face with gloves on and then continued to handle clean tongs and pan to cook. He was instructed to wash his hands and change his gloves before continuing to prepare food, he later did so.**Repeat Violation**”

“Employee washed hands with cold water. After touching face with gloves on, cook washed hands with soap and cold water, he was instructed to turn on both faucets to wash hands in water that’s at least 100°F. He did so.”

“Stop Sale issued on potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food due to temperature abuse. Observed in wait station: butter pats (58-64°F – Cold Holding), about 10lbs. They have been in the beverage cooler overnight, operator instructed to discard them and did so.”

***Korner Cafe

800 Corporate Drive 

Fort Lauderdale

Ordered shut Jan. 3

15 violations found

“Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. 5 in the cabinet under the coffee machine behind the front counter. 1 on the floor under the cooks line grill. 2 in the cabinet under the front counter. 1 on the wall next to the 3 compartment sink. . 1 behind the self-serve ice cream chest freezer.”

“Roach Tracking powder pesticide used inside cabinets and behind refrigeration in the establishment.”

“Dead roaches on premises. Observed 23 on the floor in the area of the soda syrup bag in the box storage rack. 2 on the floor between 2 reach in  soda coolers in the dining area. 1 on the floor by a window in a prep area. 1 on the floor under the meat slicer. 2 in the cabinet under the POS register. 1 under the steam table. 3 in the cabinet under the coffee machine behind the front counter. 3 in the cabinet under the hand sink behind the front counter. 6 under the 3 compartment sink. 1 on the floor under the large flip top cooler on the cooks line. 6 in the cabinet under the front counter cold Buffet. 3 under the self-serve ice cream chest freezer.”



Copyright 2018 by WPLG – All rights reserved.

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Coral Springs Center for the Arts to Present Three Amazing Tribute Bands in Four Days

January 13th, 2018|Categories: Google News|

  1. Coral Springs Center for the Arts to Present Three Amazing Tribute Bands in Four Days  Broadway World
  2. Full coverage

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Lawmakers cite case of Coral Springs resident Bob Levinson in push to crackdown on Iran

January 13th, 2018|Categories: Google News|

Democratic and Republican congressmen said Wednesday they’re attempting to pressure Iran with legislation to make people involved in holding Americans hostages — specifically Bob Levinson of Coral Springs — “pay an extreme price.”

“The United States follows words with actions, and this bill will rightfully punish Iranian officials involved in the kidnapping of American citizens and egregious human rights abuses against its own people,” U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, whose South Florida district includes Levinson’s home, said in a statement.

Deutch and other Florida leaders have been calling attention for years to Levinson, who went missing off the coast of Iran more than a decade ago.

Levinson, a former agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration and FBI, was working for the CIA when he planned a trip in 2007 to Kish Island, an Iranian resort island in the Persian Gulf.

He was there trying to cultivate an informant for the CIA. A United Nations report concluded Iranian authorities detained Levinson at his hotel on March 9, 2007, and have held him ever since. Iran denies that claim.

The family received proof Levinson was alive in a 2010 hostage video. Additional evidence came in 2011, when they received pictures of Levinson.

Years of congressional and presidential efforts to get information and action on Levinson have not yielded results.

The new legislation introduced by Deutch, the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa, and U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, attempts to pressure Iranian officials and their family members.

The Iran Human Rights and Hostage-Taking Accountability Act:

— Describes the Iranian government’s practice of taking Americans and others hostage.

— Requires the U.S. government to try to extradite and put on trial Iranian officials responsible for hostage taking. The State Department would have to report its strategy for complying with the requirement.

— Imposes sanctions against people who participate in hostage-taking and holding, specifically those “responsible or complicit in such detention.” Those responsible would face property restrictions and a ban on issuance of U.S. visas for them and members of their families.

More broadly, the legislation would state congressional support for the people of Iran and give the Trump administration additional tools to hold Iranian government officials accountable when they engage in human rights violations, corrupt practices and censorship. The congressmen from both parties, along with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, referred to the government there as the Iranian “regime.”

Deutch, in a statement, pointed to the attention focused on Iran in recent weeks as its people have taken to the streets to protest in many cities. “But this radical Iranian regime has long made it its mission to repress its people as well as destabilize the region by financing terrorism and developing dangerous ballistic missiles,” Deutch said.

McCaul said in a statement that the protests against “the oppressive, corrupt regime in demand of reform and respect for basic human rights illustrates the peoples’ discontent has reached a boiling point. … They deserve a free, prosperous, and democratic society.”

Sanders said the Trump administration is “deeply concerned” about reports that the Iranian regime has imprisoned thousands of its citizens, and tortured and killed some, for participating in the protests.

“We will not remain silent as the Iranian dictatorship represses the basic rights of its citizens and will hold Iran’s leaders accountable for any violations,” Sanders said in a statement. “The protesters in Iran are expressing legitimate grievances, including demanding an end to their government’s oppression, corruption, and waste of national resources on military adventurism. Iran’s regime claims to support democracy, but when its own people express their aspirations for better lives and an end to injustice, it once again shows its true brutal nature. ‎The United States calls for the immediate release of all political prisoners in Iran, including the victims of the most recent crackdown.”, 954-356-4550 or Twitter @browardpolitics

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It’s back! Deerfield’s fish cam is online again

January 13th, 2018|Categories: Google News|

The fish are back — and ready for their close-up on Spinner, the Sea Cam.

Deerfield Beach’s “click bait” has been missing from the livestreaming feed since Hurricane Irma took out the underwater cable that connected the city’s underwater camera to the internet and its power source in September.

The refreshed underwater camera view is good news for its fans.

“There hasn’t been a week since Irma struck that we haven’t received dozens of calls, emails and even social media inquiries about our underwater camera,” said Rebecca Stewart Medina, Deerfield Beach city spokeswoman.

Damage to the cable has taken out the underwater camera twice since its debut in April 2016.

Jim Mathie, retired Deerfield Beach fire chief, said he doesn’t think the city anticipated how much maintenance the live feed would require.

But it’s worth it, he said.

“It’s a very unique experience for folks to be able to see underwater and see marine life,” said Mathie, who has volunteered to help with repairs.

The camera view often shows schools of Bermuda chub, occasional barracudas, blue runners, mackerel, tarpons, nurse sharks and snook that frequent the area under the city pier. If you’re really lucky, you could catch sight of a sea turtle or two.

“Everywhere I go, we receive many compliments about our underwater cam,” said Mayor Bill Ganz.

Pompano Beach has plans to mount its own way to show off its sea life once the new pier Pompano Beach finishes construction in 2019.

Deerfield is on to fixing other lingering damage from the storm. The Aborteum still needs repairs. And damage to the city pier’s railings and structure are expected to cost about $80,000 and will go before the City Commission on Tuesday., 561-243-6624, or @AnneBoca . Visit our Deerfield Beach community page at

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After Hurricane Irma, Bahia Cabana falls apart

January 13th, 2018|Categories: Google News|


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Conrad Lauzon used to be a regular at Fort Lauderdale’s Bahia Cabana, a 70-room hotel and marina complex built in 1972.

Lauzon misses it, but wants what is left of it gone.

The hotel at 3001 Harbor Drive is a mess. There is caution tape marking the perimeter, empty beer bottles and crushed cans. There is a ripped roof. There is trash scattered throughout and there is a polluted pool. 

Neighbors are complaining that it’s not only an eyesore, but it’s creating a health hazard.

“It can’t stay like that. It’s a hazard, especially for kids,” Lauzon said. “I mean, young people can go in there to that pool. It’s not closed in.” 

Last September, a Bahia Cabana employee said it was on shaky ground after taking a hard hit from Hurricane Irma.

“We’re trying to go ahead and deal with it and get everything, you know, back on schedule,” Bryan Cohen said. “When it will be? I can’t tell you.” 

Jaohnny Engstrom, a tourist from Sweden, said he was surprised to find the disarray. 

“Now it’looks like it’s not going to be any more Bahia Cabana,” Engstrom said. “Sad.”

Copyright 2018 by WPLG – All rights reserved.

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