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Coral Springs Glass Repair and Replacement Company | 24 x 7 Emergency Glass Replacement Services

Residential and Commercial Glass Repair Coral Springs FL

When you have a damaged glass doors or windows it is never comfortable and even more could happen at not expected time and place for a home , business, or building owner in Coral Springs FL.

If you are looking for a Coral Springs glass repair company, then Seel Glass Windows & Doors has almost 15 years of experience in the glass industry covering not only residential but also commercial and business houses above all of Coral Springs area .

In addition our glass company offers a wide range of glass repairs and installation alternatives, including storefront glass, sliding glass door, office glass, commercial glass construction, window glass house and much more, no It will mean a lot if you need a sliding glass door. Or high impact home windows installed can be hoping to have exceptional work at any time.

Finally as a residential and commercial glass repair company we specialize in repairing glass sliding doors, window glass repair, glass door repair and shop glass repair in addition to all day glass repair Coral Springs FL with 24 hour emergency glass service.

Glass Repair Miami FL

Our full list of services as Glass Repair Miami Company:

Glass Repair Miami FL

Glass Replacement Coral Springs FL

Commercial and Residential Glass Replacement Coral Springs FL

As a glass replacing company we support residential and commercial potential customers and focus on replacing sliding glass door, window glass replacement, glass door replacement and storefront glass replacement placed alongside the same day Replacement Glass in Coral Springs FL with 24 Hour Glass Replacement Crisis Service.

Changing the sliding door may well be less costly than you might think. Consult with your insurance carrier, they may help decrease the costs of repairing damages in regards to to the devastation situation. You could have self-confidence in us for the brand-new installing high superior quality glass. Our specialists know the grade of workmanship to maintain your home safe with high-quality work and professionalism.
We offers you an reliable estimation that will meet all of your needs, assisting you save time throughout your glass problems.


Full list of services as Glass Replacement Company:

Coral Springs FL High-Impact Glass Repair and Replacement

Commercial and Residential Impact Glass Repair in Coral Springs FL

These days high-impact glass door or window creates an excellent safe option for businesses and homeowners, more particularly in Coral Springs FL.

The winds send the particles of the street, throwing all those particles on homes and businesses, knocking everything between doors and windows. On the great side of the high impact glass door or windows are stronger to the winds as they are built to withstand much more pressure and impacts, therefore these types of impact glass can still operate under a direct impact With sufficient pressure.

We are a certified, qualified and accredited glass impact repair and replacement company in Coral Springs FL. With this in mind, our emergency glass repair team can quickly give you high impact glass repair services, including high impact glass doors, impact windows glass, impact home windows glass, impact sliding glass doors and even more.

Glass Repair Miami FL

Glass Repair Miami FL

Coral Springs Board Up Services

Professional Board Up Services Company in Coral Springs FL

Emergency board up Coral Springs solutions and services are essential for each day business and property owners, whilst your home or business remains to be unprotected, it is progressively in danger from robbery and other criminal activity.

Board up services will guard the within of your premises soon after a glass break in the action and before new glass can be installed. At the same time these types of services are extremely essential when catastrophe happens including fires, floods, weather, vandalism, criminal offense, explosions, and other astonishing occasions and catastrophes that make a difference your day-to-day life in Coral Springs FL.

Board up services tend to be demanded when you desire to keep these things and anything can occur anytime. According to those scenarios you will need to recognize the best Board Up COMPANY in Coral Springs FL to communicate with in case your home or business needs emergency board up services.

We are ready to provide you and your family 24/7 board-up protection in virtually any Coral Springs area during glass issue. Our expert and professional glass repair team will be on your premises immediately never to just offer you immediate board-up services, however they will also tidy up your home or business glass residual from the broken windowpane or door. Under those circumstances our board up crisis team could keep your home or business secure and protect ahead of damaged glass hurts any relative or worker at your projects or at home.

A number of the board-up services you can expect contain Home Board-ups, Business Board-ups, Cleanup your premises at the appointed time securing your house or Business Crisis Board-up Services and much more!

Emergency Glass Repair Coral Springs FL


At that time you will need emergency glass repair in Coral Springs FL you can decide to put your self-confidence inside our emergency repair and replacement personnel, consequently of great quality and reliable services we’re Coral Springs best Glass Repair Company warranted by 15 many years of knowledge. Our job is assured by authorized and covered technicians to offer you emergency glass repair and glass installation, consequently you will probably have superior quality results with full 100 % satisfaction.

24 Hour seven days a Week Crisis Glass Replacement.

Professional and High quality Same-Day Glass Repair Coral Springs, Receive same-day glass repair to keep the home or business shielded. A damaged glass window or glass door can leaves your premises subjected to weather, criminals, and a lot more.

Sustain your building guarded when you work with our skilled emergency glass repair Coral Springs team. You can expect an instantaneous answer to damaged glass, and use your timetable to make sure your objectives are achieved. No real matter what you will need, high-impact glass, tempered glass, or many others kind of glass repaired, you will be ready for a repair job completed at the very first time.

Glass Repair Miami FL

Get a Free Estimate for Emergency Glass Repair. The latest point you want is an excessive cost bill for glass repair as a result of a home or business glass broken. Our company is going to offer you with an honest and appropriate analysis for emergency glass repair and above all make improvements to the value of your repair service.

Count on our staff to make it much easier for you when mitigate insurance claims, whether if it’s immediately after a natural disaster or some other problem, we will make sure that your home or business are refurbished to its first condition.

Definitely one of the positive effects of use our company is that the specialist you get in touch over the phone, will be the same specialist that will deals with your emergency glass repair issues.

Coral Springs News

Man shot by deputy during Lauderdale Lakes domestic dispute – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

January 13th, 2018|Categories: Google News|

LAUDERDALE LAKES, FLA. (WSVN) – A domestic violence incident in Lauderdale Lakes ended with a deputy-involved shooting that sent one man to the hospital.

Officials have been on the scene for several hours investigating what happened near 34th Street and Northwest 33rd Avenue.

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies said they were forced to fire after a man charged at them, Thursday morning.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said this started off as a heated dispute between two siblings. “His sister went in her room and locked herself in. He busted through the door. He continued to pursue her,” Israel said. “She ran outside. She was able to call 911.”

According to BSO, deputies responded to the domestic violence call at 9 a.m. During the incident, one of the deputies opened fire and wounded the male subject.

They said when deputies first arrived to render aid, they approached the woman’s brother who began to throw glass at the officers. “There came a point in time where three of our deputies deployed their Tasers,” Israel said.

However, Israel said the Tasers had little effect on the man. “There came a point in time where we tried to handcuff him,” said Israel. “He began to go back to what I would call is a violent rage, I’ve been told. He eventually charged at one of our deputies who told him numerous times, ‘We’re here to help.’”

“I heard four shots go off – bang, bang, bang, bang,” said a witness. “That’s about it. I thought it was fireworks.”

Another resident said he heard lots of noise. “I just saw a lot of commotion,” said neighbor Jabar Shaw. “My mom called me about seven or eight times to tell me the street was blocked. She wanted to know if I was safe. Yeah, it’s crazy.”

CPR was administered at the scene before Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue transported the man to Broward Health Medical Center, where Israel said he underwent surgery and is in the intensive care unit.

The cause of the shooting remains under investigation, and a heavy police presence remains in the area, Thursday afternoon.

The subject’s mother spoke with 7News and said that her son is not violent.

The identity of the subject and deputy who fired the weapon have not been released.

Copyright 2018 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Ask a real estate pro: My neighbor’s camera records my front door; is this legal?

January 13th, 2018|Categories: Google News|

Q: I live in a condo, and I have a neighbor whose front door directly faces mine. He has installed a video surveillance system on his door, and it records every time I open the door. I have asked him to take it down because it makes me extremely uncomfortable. He refused. I feel a loss of privacy, and I feel violated. Is this legal? — Adrienne

A: It is estimated that the average American is caught on camera more than 75 times each day. We are all recorded more than we realize, and while sometimes it makes us feel safer, other times it makes us uncomfortable, or worse, feel violated.

For better or worse, being recorded is now a fact of life. Our society and legal system have been playing catchup with this growing trend to regulate the use of cameras and punish people who abuse the technology.

Unless he is misusing the footage recorded, such as posting it on the internet, there is likely not much that can be done.

Property owners have the right to place cameras in and around their home for security reasons. The camera should either be easily noticeable, or there should be a posted sign warning visitors that they are being recorded. The camera should not be used to record neighbors or anyone where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as in their house, a public restroom, changing room or any place where that person would expect that no one is looking at them without their permission or knowledge.

If someone does record you without your knowledge and permission when you are somewhere that should be private, the law will look at the intent with which you were recorded. In your example, if your neighbor’s door camera was for security and positioned so that it just happened to see inside your home as you entered and exited (a time when you would not expect privacy), then it would be OK. But if your neighbor was setting up the cameras to be a high-tech Peeping Tom, he may be committing a crime.

Board-certified real estate lawyer Gary M. Singer writes about industry legal matters and the housing market at each week. To ask him a question, email him at, or go to


Condo board may be ‘terrible,’ but withholding dues will make matters worse

What can I do about my neighbor wasting water?

Resident should fix storm-damaged door, seek repayment from association later

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Chai Center in Coral Springs improves aesthetics, reaches millennials

January 13th, 2018|Categories: Google News|

People driving by the Chai Center Chabad in Coral Springs during the evening hours might notice something different and brighter.

The Chai Center recently improved the aesthetics and security of its campus as it has upgraded all of the street lights that surround its parking lot and building with the latest LED technology pole light fixtures and mounts. In addition, the center also added eight LED wall pack lights and three floodlights to the building.

“We did it because not only is it more efficient, it helps the campus’ security at night,” said Rabbi Hershy Bronstein of the Chai Center. “It’s beautiful and safer.”

Bronstein noted that this new look was something timely for this center, which aims to reach out to millennial families and the broader community through what he feels is innovative programming and warm and engaged leadership.

“In general, I feel the Chai Center represents how a regular modern family with a busy schedule should and perhaps could connect with Judaism, the local Jewish community and a synagogue. To me the Chai Center represents this idea that we’re in the heart of the community, we’re bright, we’re attractive, we’re warm and we’re accommodating. Having a bright campus at night expresses this idea that when you look at the Chai Center, you’re really looking at a warm place that can relate to you and your life.”

Bronstein added that the new aesthetics also “represents our message, which is that we’re a source of light for our community.”

Bronstein noted that when the center’s leadership and clergy engage with the community, they want to relate to them.

“For example myself, I’m really in the same phase in my personal life as the millennial families in my community,” Bronstein, a millennial himself, said. “When I counsel or teach, it’s not from a position of seniority. I try to inspire by setting an example of Jewish values and how to balance it in our busy lifestyle. I can do this because I am similar to my community in many ways. I am them in almost many ways. I’m not an old rabbi, so being able to relate to them helps me counsel them.”

Bronstein continued, “While we do also have seniors and people of all ages who appreciate what we do as well, I’m a representation of the demographic of the community.”

Bronstein said the center also caters to the technologically savvy young demographics.

“When we market programs, all of the marketing is done online through Facebook or Instagram. We also have a WhatsApp group. You don’t have to come in or take a flyer or get an invitation through the mail. We try to make it in the most easy and efficient way.”

The recent improved aesthetics to the center’s campus were made possible through an online matching campaign, and Bronstein feels that the way the funds were raised fits in with the center’s approach to reaching out to the young community.

“Ten to 15 years ago when a synagogue needed to raise funds, they did a dinner or had a raffle. Here all we did was announce a 36-hour matching campaign online and had 110 families participate. It shows you how quick and different the way communication is today and the way donors want to give today.”

Chanie Bronstein, the center’s preschool director, feels this outreach to millennial families through innovative programs has helped early child education there.

“Take for example some of our innovative programming that is part of our curriculum like our European Style-Reggio Sensory Play. On snow day, we did more than just place snow for the children to play with. We used the Reggio philosophy and taught our students how to create the snow and then experience it in a way that stimulates all the senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.”

Chanie Bronstein continued, “This type of approach demonstrates to our parents that we are living with the times, that we are not giving our teachers a curriculum that was created 20 years ago, that we are integrating the latest methods and teaching techniques and that this is the same approach we apply for every facet of the school and campus.”

Visit, or call 954-341-9511 for more information.

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Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Festival returns to Oakland Park on Saturday

January 13th, 2018|Categories: Google News|

The flavors of maple, bacon and coffee have flowed through the tanks of the Funky Buddha Brewery long before the Oakland Park beermakers hosted the first Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Festival in 2014.

A smoky, decadent brew, Maple Bacon Coffee Porter was created by co-owner Ryan Sentz in the back room of Boca Raton’s Funky Buddha Lounge and Brewery in April 2011. The beer became a hit, netting awards at beer festivals while smitten drinkers traded bottles on craft-beer websites. To satisfy rising demand, Ryan and his brother, K.C. Sentz, opened their Oakland Park brewery in 2013.

“It’s in our DNA,” brewery brand director John Linn says. “It’s the beer that put us on the map. It starts almost like a dare to drink a beer like that, but then you realize how balanced it tastes.”

And now, with Fortune 500 alcohol giant Constellation Brands’ purchase of the Funky Buddha last August, there’s about to be maple-bacon overload. That begins with the fifth annual Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Festival this Saturday, Jan. 13, a block party that will boast samples of more than 100 local and national beers, along with access to bottles of the coveted beer.

The 22-ounce MBCP bottles can be bought in packs of four ($115, which includes admission to the festival) or 12 ($235), and will be accompanied by a massive tap list, including the Buddha’s No Crusts brown ale, Last Snow porter and Key Lime Pie Tart ale. Linn says Mint Julep Bourbon Ale, another new Sentz concoction with a whiskey-like mash of barley, rye and corn, will debut at the festival.

A fleet of food trucks will also be onsite, if the Buddha’s Craft Food Counter and Kitchen restaurant won’t suffice, and DJs will spin music during the afternoon.

A Maple Bacon Coffee Hangover Brunch ($55) will follow from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 14, inside the brewery. Then, starting Jan. 26, any unsold MBCP will be available on draft and in bottles shipped to liquor and grocery retailers. Linn says the rollout will coincide with the Funky Buddha’s expansion in February into Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama and Washington, D.C.

Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Festival 2018 will take place 1-5 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 13, at Funky Buddha Brewery, 1201 NE 38th St., in Oakland Park. Admission is $55 for general admission, $115 for a four-bottle ticket and $235 for a 12-pack pass. Call 954-440-0046 or go to

For a weekly pint of news about bar openings and other drinking events, sign up for the Shot Caller newsletter, delivered to your inbox free every Thursday. or 954-356-4364

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Texas man, 68, dies after dive off Pompano Beach

January 13th, 2018|Categories: Google News|

A Texas man who passed out Friday morning during an ocean dive later died, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said.

Charles Adams, 68, of Fort Worth, was on a charter dive trip with South Florida Diving Headquarters in the Atlantic Ocean off of Pompano Beach, according to sheriff’s spokeswoman Joy Oglesby.

The boat was in 60 feet of water. When Adams came to the surface, he lost consciousness, the agency said.

Adams was given CPR while aboard the boat and brought ashore. Pompano Beach Fire Rescue took Adams to Broward Health North hospital in Deerfield Beach, where he died, the sheriff’s office said.

The sheriff’s office asks anyone with information about the incident to call homicide Detective Bryan Tutler, at 954-321-4210 or Broward County Crime Stoppers, at 954-493-8477, which accepts anonymous tips., 954-356-4233 or Twitter @LindaTrischitta


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Financial aid errors cost Broward College $5.6 million

January 13th, 2018|Categories: Google News|

Broward College paid $5.6 million after a federal government review determined that more than 2,000 students received financial aid they weren’t entitled to.

The payment, imposed by the U.S. Department of Education, is significantly more than the $18,000 the college said in 2015 that it would likely have to pay after an initial federal review. At that time, the college acknowledged only that eight students were improperly paid.

The final amount became public this month after the education department, which oversees federal aid, posted detailed reviews for 242 colleges and universities completed during the 2016-17 fiscal year. Seven other colleges in Florida also were required to pay back financial aid dollars, including Barry University in Miami Shores ($106,304), Hillsborough Community College ($343,039) and Stenotype Institute in Jacksonville ($3.03 million).

Broward College spokeswoman Lesli Franco said the college paid the full $5.6 million in May. She said no students will have to repay financial aid money they received improperly.

The hefty payment came at a time when the college was already struggling financially. In June, the college said it was increasing class sizes, cutting vacant positions and closing an academic site in Coral Springs due to a $5.1 million decline in revenues. The college lost $2 million to state cuts and several million more in tuition dollars due to enrollment declines, officials said. College administrators did not mention the $5.6 million financial aid repayment when they discussed the cuts at a Board of Trustees meeting in June.

“No institutional budget cuts resulted directly from the return of funds,” Franco said, adding that the college used one-time reserve funds to pay the federal government.

Most of the problems identified in the financial aid review involved students who declared themselves as nursing majors from 2013 to 2015. The college disbursed about 1,970 Pell Grants — federal dollars for low-income students — to indivduals listed as nursing majors, but those students weren’t enrolled in a nursing program or any other degree program that would qualify them for the aid, the review found. The nursing program has selective admission, and many students who wanted to enroll never got admitted.

The review also found that the college paid larger Pell Grants to some students than they should have received, based on the number of credit hours they were taking. Some students received these dollars despite not taking enough courses or maintaining a high enough grade point average to qualify.

College officials say these issues have been corrected.

“The college has taken significant steps to ensure that it is a best practice institution when it comes to satisfying the expectations of the U.S. Education Department,” Franco said.

This includes making leadership changes, contracting with financial aid experts to improve the financial aid department and providing more training to financial aid staff.

The associate vice president for financial aid resigned under pressure in 2015 and was replaced. The college said at that time it had also fixed computer glitches that led to some problems., 561-243-6637 or Twitter @smtravis

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